• Easy Replay System

    Easy Replay System (ERS) records any component field in your scene and plays it back at any speed (forward, rewind, slow motion…)

    Some suitable scenarios are:
    – Last man standing bullet time replay for your shooter
    – Fastest lap replay for your racing game
    – Physics game replay while score count screen is on
    – Last hit replay for your fighting game
    – And many more!

    ERS packages includes the TrackableTransform and TrackableSprite components, but it may be extended to record any component field you may require.

    ERS is highly optimized to keep a low budget of memory.

    ERS recorded track is ready to be serialized and stored locally or send it to your game server to be used, for instance in a turn based physics game (minigolf, basketball, penalty game, etc…)

    Download it today from the unity asset store here!